Silicon Valley has a supporting ecosystem that makes Internet innovation thrive, so what can Australia do? How can that big island with the best beaches in the world, harness the passionate, intelligent individuals who care to do more?

This website was created with no plan, just a question: "how can we bring the Australian technology community together?" 

In mid 2008, we started a forum to connect people and get a conversation going, which has now turned into a valuable resource for anyone wanting to tap into the collective intelligence of Australia's technology and startup community. In 2011, we added a dedicated jobs board and in 2013 we joined an effort to map all the startup activity in Australia (see the map below)

About the same time we started the forum, we also started a weekly social event in Sydney that's been going every week since, and has now expanded to other cities in the country, such as Melbourne, the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth

We also wrote a letter to the government protesting the proposed filtration scheme as well as made an official submission on what the government can do to improve technology in Australia.




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